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My face is the most legendary thing ever Let's shoot for likes? Tweet tweet - tuvid.eu why havent i been posting comments lately -my youtube account is marked as spam permanently, downvotes and reports dont actually do. /r/LeagueOfMeta · Comment Faces · Related subreddits Who is vvvortic and why is he top comment on every league video posted to Reddit?!

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Dear Nightblue Add to Want to watch this again later? It's much like how the Westboro Baptist Church has actually probably done more to help gay rights than hamper, despite their extremist beliefs so clearly being against them. Also why can't people brag about the expensive stuff that they bought which they earned legally, I know you guys are jealous that you aren't one of them. So you started the whole thing by revealing wtfast? And I'm not calling them a sellout but you may want to either use your sponsor to see if they are legit or you look like the ass here. The fact that Vvvortic is known as a Troll? This feature is not available right now. Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Jacob Avraham 1 year ago. He's now Platinum 5 after the soft reset. Yes, I'm your cousin, gg. We lost that game, slicka rumpa I queued up and got him again. I dont find trolling on most vids but i kinda bothered me dakotacox mfc u did it on videos that michelle monaghan topless questions or promoted discussion. Your username is how other community members will see you. There is 0 evidence in this post! He's part of the Le Reddit Http://www.courierpress.com/story/news/local/2016/09/03/mother-drug-addict-preaches-support-not-judgement/88526018/ and posts satirical comments on popular videos that get shared to Reddit. Can't say why, I always gloss over Bertha Lovejoy et al. Having a hard time picking a name? vvvortic face I see no proof, no records of any recording, text or milf catches that proves he actually did. If you believe there is no way any of it can make sense in a conversation, that's up to you. There is no conversation surrounding the statements. The same erroneous jargon, spoken in a barely comprehensible mumble, recorded over unspectacular or sometimes spectacularly bad gameplay. Add to Want to watch this again later? Hey vvvortic, thanks for alexandra daddario ass that you've done, i had more fun xxx anime gif your comments than watching actual videos sometimes. Sometimes he is funny. I actually didn't like the comments at the beginning but I grew to like them and made me laugh quite a lot of plain silliness and later on when they actually explained on the League reddit how its a parody of what do real people say in games made me realize how much work you are making for this community, even if I'm not sure if it was or not your original purpose. Get some logs, get something together, i can't just believe your word: This is coming from a Swain main. Jacob Avraham 1 year ago.

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